Very first Mommy & Me 5k! 8-12-15

Mommy & Me 5k

Aug 12th 2015


Hope you enjoyed the very first Mommy & Me 5K last week! Since we were squished for time and I only quickly skimmed goals/road blocks I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone more details about last weeks healthy lifestyle topic. Hopefully next week we will have more time to discuss topics. I also attached the route for next week and more information below.

Sometimes when you have a family every moment of time you have to yourself you just want to sit down and relax. Those with young children are probably thinking “what’s time to myself?’ For some naptime is clean the house, do the dishes and catch up on laundry time. It can seem like when you have a fitness goal half the challenge is just finding the time to work out. Now what we need to challenge ourselves to do is changing our mindset and realizing it’s not about finding the time, it’s about making the time.

When you really commit your time, your body, and your mind to your goals then you realize that you’re only cheating yourself with every roadblock you don’t over come. But everyone will hit roadblocks that will set you back. Weather it’s realizing you had one to many cheat meals, or your schedule got so busy that you haven’t worked out all week, or all month. Maybe your little one is teething and you’re fighting to stay awake right now. Figuring out how to get yourself back on track and figuring out why, or how you got off track will help prevent it from happening again.

No matter what age group your kids are in some roadblocks will happen again and again and again. Our kids should not be our excuse, they should be our motivation. Try to find ways to modify your routine so you are still reaching your goals. The more often we work out and eat healthy the better we feel and the more energy we have.

Having a group of people like we have at the Mommy & Me 5k’s is a great way to stay on track. We offer each other Accountability and motivation. The weekly 5k will give everyone the chance to stay on track to keeping active with the opportunity to meet other moms, dads and people with similar goals and similar roadblocks. Every week we’ll discus a different topic about nutrition or fitness that will keep us on track to reaching those goals. SO put Mommy & Me 5K in your calendar every Wednesday, and make the time to be active and get you and your family active.

Every week will be a different 5K route- Keep an eye on Facebook and your email for the route maps. If you have any questions about setting goals or overcoming roadblocks feel free to call, text or email me! If your wellness coach invited you to the 5K contact them with any questions you have about goals/roadblocks.

Thank You to everyone who made it out! Hope to see you next week!


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