3 day Low carb meal plan {bell peppers, nachos & Meatloaf)

Hello! This 3 day plan has a bunch of flavor! Such a filling plan that truly leaves you feeling full and satisfied. Note that I just used regular taco seasoning for my dinner which isn’t truly keto. You can replace this was your own seasonings to avoid the ingredients in the taco seasoning. Review This was my first time making meatloaf so it took me … Continue reading 3 day Low carb meal plan {bell peppers, nachos & Meatloaf)

15FIVE {4 wk challenge!}

Hello! Are you ready to commit to your fitness goals 15 minutes a day, for FIVE days?! 15FIVE is a great way to spice up your workout routine and only 15 minutes a day is sooooo doable! Busy schedules, hectic lives…I totally get it! With those busy parenting lifestyles in mind I created this game to help us take 15 minutes of your day and … Continue reading 15FIVE {4 wk challenge!}

3 Day Meal Prep {Eggs, Pizza, Lasagna)

Hello! I loved this meal prep so much…still funny to see PIZZA! But I love this fathead dough pizza 🙂 Meals Breakfast 3 servings loaded scrambled eggs and Baked Bacon Lunch Pizza and Baked Asparagus Dinner Low carb lasagna with ground beef Dessert Chocolate Fat bombs String Cheese Storage Super easy! Just need 9 containers 🙂 One for each meal Shopping list Loaded Scrambled Eggs 6 … Continue reading 3 Day Meal Prep {Eggs, Pizza, Lasagna)

Strawberry Mousse Treats

Hello! Today we are transforming strawberry Mousse into easy to eat/pack frozen treats! On keto some people don’t eat any berries and other eat a few, this is really the only time I eat berries, the strawberries give this dessert a nice sweet taste and the 1/2 cup really goes far in this recipe, however if you don’t eat any berries please check out the … Continue reading Strawberry Mousse Treats