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4 wk Keto Meal Plan

Hello! This meal plan is just a suggestion of Keto/low carb meals you can follow along with, I am not a nutritionist! Be sure to follow your macros and modify as needed 🙂 Find your KETO macros here: Keto Calculator Right these down and track your foods in your HMMF profile and every day try to… Continue reading 4 wk Keto Meal Plan

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Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC)

This is my morning must have! Love love love BPC! Not going to first the idea of this made me go  "" but once I realized how it made me feel for energy and filled me up I knew I needed this in my life! and so easy! Just brew up your coffee add… Continue reading Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC)

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3 Day Low carb plan (Pancakes, French Toast, Pizza)

If your sick of eggs, bacon, and beef this is a carbaholics dream meal plan...thats low carb 😉 So excited for this! Meals Breakfast Pancakes Lunch French Toast Dinner Keto Pizza Ingredients Pancakes 2 eggs 2 ounces cream cheese (Optional cinnamon/stevia) French Toast Keto Bread (click here for recipe) 1 Egg 1 tbsp Heavy Cream 1/4… Continue reading 3 Day Low carb plan (Pancakes, French Toast, Pizza)

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3 Day Meal Prep! (Eggs, Sloppy Joes, TexMex)

Hello! This meal prep is super easy to make and easy to eat 🙂 Meals Breakfast Loaded Scrambled eggs (optional- make into sandwiches by making extra cloud bread!)   Lunch Sloppy Joes   Dinner TexMex Casserole   Shopping list Loaded Scrambled Eggs 6 eggs (2 eggs/meal) 1 tbsp butter shredded cheese salt pepper Garlic Salt Chopped… Continue reading 3 Day Meal Prep! (Eggs, Sloppy Joes, TexMex)