Desserts/Fat bombs, Keto

Strawberry Mousse Treats

Hello! Today we are transforming strawberry Mousse into easy to eat/pack frozen treats! On keto some people don't eat any berries and other eat a few, this is really the only time I eat berries, the strawberries give this dessert a nice sweet taste and the 1/2 cup really goes far in this recipe, however… Continue reading Strawberry Mousse Treats

Desserts/Fat bombs, Keto

Chocolate Fat Bombs

Hello! In need of a low carb snack? Here ya go these are great! Quick story first..... One night I had made a whole tray full of these yummy little treats. Morning came and I went to check on them and move them into a baggie since they were frozen. Open the fridge door and… Continue reading Chocolate Fat Bombs