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So this winter I started FB live videos in the VIP community! Last winter everything was just in the app and I would post about it or just load full videos to the app. This year I am LOVING the FB live!! Those who are able watch live and then I also save the videos to the group so ladies can watch and follow along at a time that works best for them.

Every week there’s a few days a week that I do FB live workouts in the VIP Community! The schedule changes each month but normally I go live 3-6 times a week. It’s a fun way to stay motivated and check in! Each month we have a different workout challenge that is assigned to everyone’s online calendar in the HMMF app. This way we go through the challenge together and everyone has the option to follow along with FB vides or just log on the app where theres demo videos for each move. Either way you can track your workouts, reps, weights, progress, etc in your HMMF profile.

I love love love doing the workouts live to help motivate others and have them watch live plus it holds me accountable and shows I’m doing the workouts right along with you 🙂


Here are a few screen shots of the mobile app:

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Every month we rotate through the challenges and post daily in the members FB group to help keep everyone on track and motivated!

  • FB live Videos

  • Exercise Demo Videos

  • Workout Schedules

  • Mobile App

  • Meal Prep Ideas

Keep scrolling down for a few FB live screen shots!

Thank you!

-Ashley Keller

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