Inside out bacon cheeseburger


There are a few way I like to make burgers…one has two burgers acting as the bun…but that gets a bit filling for me personally so I also like to split one burger in half and act as half a bun. Lastly I like just one burger with the topping right on top, nice and simple! All the ways are yummy, you just have to pick which one works best for you!

bunless bacon cheese burger with asparagus for lunch-2

Loved this recipe! So easy and filling! Classic bacon cheeseburger never goes out of style!

Also check out this 5 day meal plan where we use the burgers for lunch!




  • 2 burgers (or one)
  • shredder cheese
  • bacon (chopped)
  • optional- spinach salad with ranch and cheese


  • Pan fry the burgers
  • Bake the bacon at 350 until crispy
  • Once the bacon is done, remove and place on paper towels to cool then chop
  • Now make your burger and enjoy!

A few good sides that go well with this are the ranch salad and baked asparagus!

Thank you! hope you enjoyed this meal!

-Ashley Keller

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