Fitfam 5k sept

Only three left now eeek! This summer has gone by fast but I honestly can’t wait for fall!

I was so happy to see everyone today enjoying the warm September weather ❤️

My Jaxon was not listening at first and I literally had to chase him down the pull him off the playground and wrestled him into the stroller then stepped him down to start my run.

But I read a post today saying strong willed children grow up to be wealthy sooooo I’m sure that’s legit 🤷‍♀️😜🎉

The kids dash was fun as always also

Fun to see the kiddos burn off some energy before the walk/run.

Today was my second time running the whole time ❤️ not going to lie it was hard! The first half mile and the last half mile were the hardest but I kept pushing and never gave up… even when the kids were freaking out I just stayed focused.

Last week I only had Mia in the double stroller but today I had both Jaxon and mia in there.

…. and I beat my time!

Last week I stayed steady where today I started fast then got tired. That extra kid makes it a tad harder lol plus my arms were definitely feeling yesterday’s arm workout 🙂 love it all!

Thanks again to everyone who came and helped motivate me! Love you all!


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