Coordination Challenge (members)


We rotate through the challenges together as a group and all members have assigned 4 week schedules each month in their personal HMMF profiles. PLUS I do as many workouts as I can on FB live in the members group to help keep everyone on track and motivated! Everyone does have access to all the challenges when they sign up and each month we focus on one challenge and help motivate each other through it!


Coordination Challenge Workouts:

  • Legs & Coordination
  • Core & Glutes
  • 30 min Cardio
  • Arms & Coordination
  • Legs & Glutes
  • Core & Coordination
  • Arms & Core


  • Fun workouts that engage your whole body as we focus on balance and coordination! All moves can be done at home and some even with a partner if you want to get your older kids or hubby involved!


  • Ball that you will toss against the wall.
  • Yoga Mat


For this challenge you will need a ball that you can bounce against a wall πŸ™‚ I know it already sounds like fun! You will also need a yoga mat.

To start out you want to open up the app and click start workout! Yippie! Step one is easy πŸ˜›


THe next screen click the workout section to open up the list of workouts and scroll down the the sections with “S.C.C” this stands for So Crazy Cool…. πŸ˜€ hehehehe OK you got me its stands more Strength, Coordination and Cardio! which IS Β so crazy cool!


Take a peek at your calendar and click the workout that matches your calendar to get started!


You’ll see it pop right in the workout section there! Bam! step two done! Look at you go!

Click Start workout and the workout will pop up next!img_8261

Here we go!! all the moves are listed out and yo just need to click on the move name for a quick little demo video! Click the check marks once the move is done!


Look there I am lunging!


The orange strip on the side means is a set to be done together so you just make your way down set 1 then set 2. click the check marks when you’re done πŸ™‚


Click Finish workout on the bottom once you’re done and you’ll get one more screen to leave me a note πŸ™‚ You can also look back at these note to see how it went!


Once completed you can click the Activity tab on the home screen and see your logged workouts, click on the workout to open up the info! Great job! Proof you did it!! I also get notified each time you complete a workout! πŸ™‚ Post how it went in the Facebook group to help motivate all the other mamas! I LOVE to hear from you all!



Lets rock this challenge!! You got it! MAKE the time to get in your workouts each week! These are fun moves and mix it up each time and you can include a partner also!


You got this!!


-Ashley Keller

Questions? Lets Chat!

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