F!TFAM 1st April class!

It was beautiful out for our first F!TFAM ☀️☀️☀️ The April crew rocked their workouts and all the kiddos did great! Again there were more kids then adults 🎉😎  It is soooo nice not having to worry about finding a sitter and knowing the kids can workout with us or play!

We did a variety of different exercises, games and workouts to get a feel for how April will go 🙂 We started out with one of my favorite warm up games! We all circled up and choose different exercises to complete while one person ran two laps around the whole circle.

Then we jumped into a team cone game, ‘ups’ verse ‘downs’. The kiddos made this one a tad more challenging, but we gave it a whirl anyways! All the cones were scattered a distance away from the group, we all lined up and when I yelled “go!”  and we darted towards the cones! The ‘up’ team tried to put all the cones up and the ‘down’ team tried to knock them down. For 45 seconds everyone was running to cones and trying to get their team to win! My team lost so my whole team got to do 10 burpees. 💪💪💪

The next workout we did EMOM for 5 minutes. Then we jumped into another fun game! We split into our teams (groups of 4). There was a total of 9 cones a distance away from the groups. Each group had 4 stations (2- jumping jacks and 2-mountain climbers) one of the jumping jack stations was the timer station. This person did 20 jumping jacks then ran to the cone pile grabbed a cone and added it to their team pile. Once the cone was added the group rotates stations and the next person went to the timer group and the loop continued. The team who got the last cone won! Losers did 10 jump squats 😜 again the kids liked to grab and move the cones so we had to make sure the cones were all there still 😂

After this we moved to a big tree at the park and did drills for a distance (there is another tree we set as our ending point) so we went to the tree and back a few times doing different exercises! It was leg day so many of these focused on leg muscles. 🙂 great time and the kids love joining us for this exercise!

After this we wrapped things up with EMOM for ten minutes then circled up for stretching 🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉

Everyone did awesome!! And afterward we went to the park for a play date with the kiddos!
Thanks ladies!! Excited to kick off another fun season!


If you are interested in joining the Hot Mess Moms Fitness Crew and being apart of F!TFAM group workout classes or the online challenges email me at hotmessmoms@gmail.com



-Ashley Keller

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