Let’s rock april! 


April is going to be a BLAST! Starting F!TFAM and the mommy and me 5ks!

F!TFAM: Click here to sign up!

Mommy & Me 5K: Click here to sign up!

A little more details…

If you are looking to be more active, workout and focus on your fitness this a fun way to meet new people, get fresh air and work up a sweat! Kids are welcome to join in and workout with us or just play!

These classes are structured but flexible. I have a 3yr old and a 1yr old who will be with me during the classes! As many parents know sometimes kids want to be held and 5 seconds later they just want to run! I totally understand! This is a great way to focus on the power of play with the kids and turn the workouts into a game which helps keep them focused and it’s fun! If you need to step to the side quick to refill  your kids juice or get them a snack then you can just jump right back in! All the exercises can be modified for all fitness levels, or if half way through you need to now hold your three yr old 😂 we make it work!
F!TFAM Goes month by month so the first round is in April! Each round will have a schedule for the classes plus a free gift!

If a class is cancelled due to rain or you are unable to attend then workouts can also be done at home through the HMMF app! F!TFAM Includes access to the pro online membership for that month also!

F!TFAM April classes will be Tuesday 6pm and sat 9am

You can sign up to join 4 classes or all the classes. As mentioned if there’s a rain day online workouts are provided 💪❤💪❤
So excited to get things started and get outside with everyone!!

If you have any questions at all please just let me know and I will be happy to reply asap 💃

❤🏃‍♀️❤MOMMY & ME 5ks!❤🏃‍♀️❤

Every Thursday at 6pm! Stroller friendly course and very laid back. Not sure you can do the whole 5k? That’s ok! Do what you can with a goal of getting better each week:)

Not sure your kiddos will make the whole 5k?

Few tips- pack treats and drinks 🙂 also a good idea to bring sunblock and bug spray just in case!
The route is a down and back set up so you can turn around at any point 🙂 we normally stroll down the path as a group but you are welcome to run also.

Most end with a play date at the park ❤

All mommy and me 5ks are free! And dads, grandmas, grandpas and friends are totally welcome to join!

F!TFAM: Click here to sign up!

Mommy & Me 5K: Click here to sign up!

Questions? Let’s chat!


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